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Pack 75 Activities and Programs

Each year, Pack 75 supports an array of activites designed to help foster community spirit, celebration of achievement and to provide FUN for the cubs! We participate in Food Drives, Park Clean-ups and local Parades. We participate in the BSA Council activites like Mom, Dad & Lad weekends. We hold monthly Pack Meetings at the Absecon Marsh School to present achievements, play games and see the Dens put on shows and skits. We have holiday parties, the annual Blue and Gold Dinner and, of course, the annual Pinewood Derby. We also plan pack supported outings to local museums and shows and our end of year Family Picnic!

Pack Fundraisers

To support all of the activites and awards for the Cubs, the Pack holds various fundraisers during the year. The 1998/99 year includes a candle sale during October and November and the committee is planning a T-shirt sale for January and a Car Wash for the spring.  Help Support Your Pack!!

Cub Buck Program

One way we recognize Cub achievment is through the ''Cub Buck" program. Cub Bucks are earned by the Cubs for supporting Pack activites and for "Doing their Best" while participating in pack events. At the end of the year, the Bucks can be redeemed for prizes and games.

1998-99 Pack Schedule

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Pack 75 Announcements and Newsletters

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